Nothing to do


Dec 19, 2011 Ryan's Blog 0 Comments


Bored, bored and bored download spiel spore for free. I never knew I could perform that many tasks around the house in a matter of a few days.

Being at home is nice. I can always catch up on organizing my shit ratespiele kostenlos downloaden. I never realized how much shit I actually own.

I can see why staying a home has it’s perks. I’m always prepared for whatever lurks around my day bei amazon prime music herunterladen. I can visit the grocery store when ever I want. Hell, if this were summer, I’d walk to there everyday.

Working from home also has it’s perks herunterladen. I can get up when ever I want, I can hit up the bathroom anytime of the day and I can play on Facebook for as long as I want and not worry about working overtime–because I’m already home download fussball manager 2014! So what if I’m at the office until late, I’m already home!

The only thing that really throws me off is the empty house. I do miss my wife more than I did when I actually had an office job modern warfare warzone download. Luckily there is iChat to keep constant communication to her and all of my buddies.

In the long run, I hope this routine keeps going with my wish list being answered herunterladen.

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