We Made It!


Dec 25, 2011 Ali's Blog , , , 0 Comments


Whew! We made it through the wedding and honeymoon, and are back to normal life. Although the two weeks of wedding and honeymoon were absolutely amazing, it’s kind of nice to be back at home and into routine ls17 for free. Nothing feels that different since we got back. Except, oh yeah, I changed my NAME!

It’s weird changing your name because I have been Ali Abrams for as long as I can remember, for longer than I can remember herunterladen von daten 8 buchstaben! I’ve been Ali Abrams since I was born. Sure I’ve been called Alexandra, Ali Anne, Ali Cat, Ali Oop, Ali Anne Rubberband, but Ali Abrams is who I am kodi downloaden voor laptop. Changing my name does not change that. Yeah, it will be easier having people try to spell Jones than Abrams (they always want to add a silent H in there!), but everyday I struggle with calling myself Ali Abrams instead of Ali Jones malen nach zahlen für kinder herunterladen. I’m sure I will struggle with it for many more years. I tried to get Ryan to change his last name to Abrams instead, but that did not go over well herunterladen!

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