The Joy’s of Homeownership


Mar 5, 2012 Ali's Blog , , , 0 Comments


It’s starting to feel like spring and what seems to be on everyone’s minds is spring cleaning, planting, and making your home a more beautiful place to live huawei hisuite downloaden! Our biggest priority right now has been to fix the fence in the front of the house.

Seems like a simple solution, to replace a fence? Wrong!

Well it would be but we can’t seem to get anyone to give us a quote video von youtube auf handy herunterladen! Please, I want to give you money!┬áLet me give you money. We have been to two home shows now, and so far only one person has given us an estimate and it was the person who took 10 times as long on our wood rot as it should have taken netflix app auf macbooken. No thanks, I don’t want you. Another person came out and has yet to give us a quote. Supposedly they “emailed it” last week, but its not in my spam folder. So she says she will send it Friday evening. Nothing. Run into them at the JoCo Home and Garden Show. They were very apologetic and swore we would have it Monday. It’s 4:35 pm Monday and their email hasn’t come, and their phone is ringing to voicemail…. Next! I emailed another company on Saturday and gave our name to a different company. Now we just wait…. (Here is our dream fence:)


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