So Many Questions


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One week ago I found out something that will change our lives forever… but first the backstory!


In 2012 Ryan and I decided we were at the point of wanting to try to start our family. We had been married for over a year and together for 3 years and felt that we were financially and emotionally ready to take that next step. So in November of 2012 I stopped my birth control herunterladen. I figured I’d be pregnant by the end of the year and we would have a fall baby…

Well who knew having a baby would be so stinking hard! I always thought have sex unprotected and you would get pregnant. End of story. As time went on, I begin to track my periods, ovulation, temperature and so much more. And yet still nothing Download word already purchased. Every month I would get my period, and every month I would get more and more depressed.


We then began the quest to figure out what was wrong and fix it. We did tests and found that there was not a lot wrong. Ryan’s numbers were a little low but nothing crazy. It should have been working. By the end of the year we decided more drastic steps were needed herunterladen.


In early 2014 we  tried IVF (In-Vitro Fertilzation). We thought it would be the best chance and the doctors thought we had a great chance too. When I found out the eggs didn’t make it, none of them, we were devastated. We began to think about adoption but decided we would save up and wait a while longer download mp3 forum.

In Spring, we found out that a surgery on Ryan would actually be covered by insurance! This could be it! He had his surgery and things were looking good. We went at it again, trying naturally for a while.

In November we decided to just help nature a little by producing a few more eggs. We even had a trigger shot so we knew exactly when to “try” ark kostenloser. Well when I got my period in November, I was even more disappointed than ever. I thought it had been our best chance. Ryan had his surgery, I was looking fine and we had more eggs to try with and yet nothing. By that point I gave up. We planned to try the next month but I knew it was hopeless. So hopeless I even scheduled hand surgery in January!

Back to Now

The doctor had told us to take a test on Tuesday. I decided not to bother. I figured when my period came I would know. By Friday though, I was wondering. We were home that night and I decided to take the test. Ryan and I started the timer and made sure not to look at it the whole 5 min. When the 5 min was up:

Me: “Is that a line? I can’t tell.”

Ryan: “Um, it looks like it is but it is really faint. What does that mean?”

Google here we come! Page after page said that a line was a line no matter how faint. Did that mean I was pregnant! No way, we would just test again tomorrow. If it was true, then the line should be stronger the next day.

Saturday we took the test again. Another faint line! What on earth does that mean?!? So I got dressed, drove to the pharmacy, and bought the most expensive test they had. And not one of those stupid line things. I wanted one that was clear. So that afternoon, after drinking lots of water, I peed on that little stick again…


There was no question this time. No lines to figure out. This was it. And yet instead of jumping for joy I had a panic attack. Trying was one thing but being pregnant? There is no going back from that! That one little word meant so much. It meant that everything was going to change. I was going to be a mom. Ryan was going to be a dad. It wouldn’t just be us anymore. It was so amazing and overwhelming I didn’t even know what to think besides just shock! But there it is, the little stick that says “pregnant”, reminding me that it is all true. I keep looking at it though, just to make sure!

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