Week 4


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So I’m officially over 4 weeks now and not much is different. I feel pretty tired and achy and I am HUNGRY all the time! All I want to do is eat and eat and eat herunterladen.

I am trying to buy healthier items and cut down on sweets, drink lots of water and get more protein. I can tell my body is craving more substantial food because if I don’t eat, I start to feel weak and tingly and dizzy windows 7 sprachpaket deutsch downloaden.

Since I’m not that far along yet, Ryan and I weren’t planning to tell anyone but sometimes it ends up sneaking out when you don’t mean to…

For instance the other night we were at dinner with two married friends Download the ebooks for free. All seemed to be going well when my friend blurted out, “I’m 8 weeks pregnant! I wanted to tell you first before you found out some other way.” She had known we had been trying and I could tell she felt bad but wanted to share with us so we wouldn’t be even more sad download videos from youtube legally.

Well out the door went my little secret!

“I’m 4 weeks pregnant!”

“Oh my god! We are both pregnant” we squealed download video on the left! Our husbands just looked at each other and shook their heads.

But it is really exciting. I have a friend who I can share this with who will know exactly what I am going through hip hop beats. We even talked about hanging out together while on maternity leave!

Medically, I have had my blood drawn 3 times this week (ouch!) and my HCG levels are looking great lieder in youtube herunterladen! My first ultrasound will be on 12/23!

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