Week 7


Dec 29, 2014 Baby Blog , , , 0 Comments

Me at 7 weeks, baby is the size of a blueberry

Well I’m halfway through week 7 wieviel filme kann ich bei netflix downloaden. It’s still hard to believe I’m actually pregnant except for the constant nausea. Morning sickness? Forget that, this is all day sickness!

Ryan keeps telling me I need to eat better but that sure is hard when all food sounds disgusting g├╝tertrennung kostenlos downloaden. I know something is different when I don’t want candy or chocolate or even cupcakes… it makes me sad that if someone put a cupcake in front of my face, let’s say, a Smallcakes cupcake, I would have to push it aside and let someone else eat it download cd dvd burn program for free german. Oh the agony!

Anyway because I feel sick all the time and can’t really do much I’ve been playing a lot of WoW. I’m sure that’s good for the baby…

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