Week 11


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Week 11 – Lime

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything long herunterladen. Unfortunately, I’ve been too sick to do almost anything but trudge through work and then go home and sleep. I think little Jonesy is out to get me converter for free german! This week he is the size of a prune! Luckily Ryan has been amazing and has helped be sure I am eating and taking care of the animals.

Two weeks ago we had our first visit with the OB microsoft authenticator herunterladen. I really like her and she seemed very down to earth and honest. We also got to see little Jonesy on the ultrasound! He (or she) was jumping around like a little jumping jack Download word for free for mac! And look you can see his head and body and arms and legs! I can’t believe that is growing inside me!wpid-2015-01-14-19.00.28.png.png

It actually weirds me out a little; I basically have a little parasite in me that is sucking away my life force fernsehprogramm herunterladen! But in about half a year this little alien will become a real human being!

In other news, classes started again at JCCC. Tuesday night I had my first HTML/CSS class and this extra sensitive pregnancy nose was not helping at all how to movies from kinox.to! I could smell the nerd BO from miles away! And locked in a classroom with nerd BO was awful! Good thing Tuesday was one of my better days sick wise. I didn’t actually get nauseous until about 8:30pm when I was on my way home dateien von iserv herunterladen!

And yesterday I didn’t get sick at all! Maybe I am at a new turning point!

I can’t wait until after Valentine’s Day. We will then be in the second trimester and we can start telling everyone the big news vlc player android download deutsch kostenlos! I will also tell my work at that time. I did tell my supervisor but no one else knows. Hopefully they just think I’m getting a little fat and not pregnant.

Until next time!


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